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Our Story

Produced by talented artisans committed to centuries-old ancestral production standards, Toco is the quintessential cachaça: a category defining, luxurious drink that exhilarates the senses.
A remarkably well-rounded drink, Toco Cachaça delights all the senses: its color, viscosity, aroma, and flavor imbue each bottle with character and exquisiteness. Toco is aged unmodified for three years in Oak and Jequitibá to deliver a complex yet smooth flavor that is specially crafted for sipping and pairing with food. Use Toco to elevate your cocktails or enjoy it neat or on the rocks.

A history as rich as the taste

The discovery of vital mining materials in the Minas Gerais area of southeastern Brazil prompted an influx of people into the region from all over Brazil. These people brought with them agricultural skills and know-how, including the growing of sugarcane. And people soon found the climate in Minas Gerais helped grow the best quality sugarcane. Inevitably, individuals started getting adventurous in the ways they used this tasty ingredient.

It’s believed that cachaça was introduced to Brazil in 1532 by Portuguese settlers who distilled the sugarcane using techniques developed on the island of Madeira. A love for the taste soon spread west from the eastern coastal regions of Brazil, with cachaça distributed in wooden barrels. These barrels added a richness to the flavor of the cachaça, giving the drink its trademark exceptionally smooth finish.

Fast-forward nearly 500 years to the 21st Century, and cachaça now enjoys historic cultural status in Brazil, bestowed upon it by the government in 2012. The drink’s Brazilian roots were officially recognized internationally two years later when the US government declared cachaça a distinct spirit category originating in Brazil.